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Oba pipeline style!

Posted by NalaGinrut on 25 April 2014 4:51 PM (scheme | guile | python | pipeline | programming)

The concept of pipeline in functional programming means a succession of functions that operate, one after another, on an array of data, which consists of a chain of processing elements arranged so that the output of each element is the input of the next. One of the famous practices is Unix pipeline.

This article is about pipeline-like programming pattern, rather than 'yet another tutorial of pipeline tools'.

Let's see some code:

In Python

Here's a silly code as an example.

def get_number():
    return input("Give me a number: ")

def num_filter(num):
    print "oh you input %d!" % num
    return num % 2

def word_picker(hit):
    print "checking..."
    return ('even', 'odd')[hit]

def result_show(result):
    print "It is an %s number." % result


The process is very simple, get a number, and check if it's even or odd, finally it print out the result.

But this code has a problem, each time you want to add a level in your cascaded functions chain, you have to modify the code. The worst case is when you have more than 10 levels in your functions calling chain, you can't write it as a chain. You have to split them like this:

num = get_number()
hit = num_filter(num)
result = word_picker(hit)

This could be clearer, and it's easy to add a 'add_one' step after 'get_number', which plus 1 to the number you just typed. But you've added a lot of code and several temprorary variables. Let's hope your compiler can eliminate all the redundant part for you during the optimization.

Anyway, it's better not to modify the original code when you want to add new code.

Now here is the pipeline one:

def make_pipeline(procs):
    return lambda x: reduce(lambda y,p:p(y), procs, x)

procs = [num_filter, word_picker, result_show]
f = make_pipeline(procs)

def add_one(x):
    return 1+x

f2 = make_pipeline(procs.insert(0, add_one))

In Scheme

Although many pythoners enjoy lambda and reduce, not all the people have realized that these stuffs are borrowed from Lisp/Scheme land. There're cooler things in Scheme, maybe we should drop reduce and give others a try, say, fold:

(use-modules (srfi srfi-1)) ; `fold' dwells srfi-1

(define (get-number)
  (display "Give me a number: ")

(define (num-filter num)
  (format #t "oh you input ~d!~%" num)
  ;; ~d is similar to %d in Python, and ~% means newline
  (modulo num 2))

(define (word-picker hit)
  (display "checking...\n")
  (list-ref '("even" "odd") hit)) ; list accessing in Scheme

(define (result-show result)
  (format #t "It is an ~a number.~%" result))
  ;; ~a is similar to %r in Python

(define (make-pipeline . procs)
  (lambda (x) (fold (lambda (y p) (y p)) x procs)))

(define f (make-pipeline num-filter word-picker result-show))

(f (get-number))

See, there's no much difference from Python code. And you may read the manual of fold here.

After all, the content of this article is nothing but introduced a possible way to implement compose, which is very useful and interesting in programming. Now you already know what it is and how it can be, maybe it's time to hack more code, huh?

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    This is similar to bash pipe ``|``.

  2. Nala Ginrut says:

    @amz3 Yes, it's the same principle. ;-)

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