[ANN]Artanis-0.0.1 released!

Artanis is a new web application framework (WAF) written with pure GNU Guile Scheme. Artanis is free software, under GPLv3 and LGPLv3.

Artanis contains common HTTP stuffs (cookies,authentication,cache,sessions...), URL-remapping, HTML templating, and various experimental methods to handle Database: SSQL(SQL in s-expr), FPRM (Functional Programming Relational Mapping, and SQL-mapping. Now it supports mysql/postgresql/sqlite3 as DBD.

The current performance of server in Artanis is weak. It is planed to implement an async green-thread server with Guile's brand new delimited-continuations in next big version (0.2).

Artanis was announced as certificated awesome project in 2013 Lisp in summer projects contest. It's an official project of SZDIY community for building the server side of web-service and mobile-app of the community.