GNU Artanis donates to HardenedLinux

Mae govannen, nothlir!

After careful consideration and consultation, as the maintainer of GNU Artanis, I hereby solemnly declare that GNU Artanis donates to HardenedLinux platform. This decision does not change the fact that GNU Artanis is an official GNU project, but further advances the progress of the GNU Artanis in Debian GNU/Linux based solution. This aim was decided by me, for the maintainer has the right to decide the direction of the project.

I have been dubbed as a GNU maintainer by RMS for over 10 years. Personally, I have full respect to RMS even when he was involved in whirlwind for the misinterpretation of his comments. I don't think this donation cause the seperation of GNU, but the enhancement of GNU in the modern FOSS connection. And I hope no one will think I have any problems with GNU or RMS.

What will be changed?

Nothing will be changed, unless trival actions:

1. GNU Artanis on GitLab will be transferred to HardenedLinux namespace from my own.

2. GNU Artanis will mention HardenedLinux in release.

Officially, GNU Artanis is maintained on Savannah, and folks can discuss on mailing-list. But we also provide GitLab for modern people.

Nothing has changed, really, except for progress.

Why do so?

HardenedLinux was founded by Shawn Chang who is also an old-school hacker like me. Basically, it's been work out diverse best-practices based on enhanced Debian GNU/Linux.

It has gained a good reputation in the security industry and has long been a big supporter of free software.

Two years ago, Shawn had invited GNU Artanis to join HardendLinux, but I didn't accept. Because I was not sure about the future plan of GNU Artanis.

Today, I'm the CEO of LambdaChip, and I'm thinking about the product taking advantage of the power of Scheme language. GNU Artanis has been product ready in my previous day job. GNU Artanis is the first product-level Scheme web-framework. It is deserved to have a better plan for the future.

Joining HardenedLinux will be a new beginning, and we have the opportunity to be recognized by a mutual community, as well as cross-endorsed.

The interesting part is, 15 years ago, Shawn was the first person who told me about free software movement and the story of RMS.

15 years later, he once again introduced me to a path full of hope and thorns. This time, we will fight side by side for the dream of free software and old-school hackers.